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Deathlands # 57: Breakthrough

Deathlands # 57: Breakthrough

Deathlands is a living hell, but there is someplace worse: a parallel Earth where the atomic mega-cull never happened. Now this Otherworld Earth is in its final death throes. Yet for an elite few, the reality portal offers a new frontier of raw energy, expendable slaves—a bastion of power for Dredda Otis Trask. Her invasion force of genetically engineered warrior women has turned the ruins of Salt Lake City into the deadly mining grounds of a grotesque new order—one that lies in wait for Ryan and his companions…

Alan Philipson is one of the most widely read—and until now reclusive and secretive—series novelists in the U.S. Warren Murphy, author of the DESTROYER and TRACE series, and two time Edgar Award winner, said of him, he’s "simply one of the best and gutsiest action writers around today." ("And he doesn’t owe me money," Al adds.) Writing under many pseudonyms, Alan has published over 120 novels. His work has been translated into six languages. His titles regularly hit the Amazon and Barnes and Noble topseller lists in the men’s adventure and science fiction/adventure genres.

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